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It is undeniable. Because of climate change, the weather we experience all year round are on the extremes. When it snows, it snows hard. When it rains, it won’t stop. When it’s hot, it’s super hot. When it’s cold, it’s extremely cold. If you are old enough to remember how it was in the 90’s and earlier, or even in the early to the mid 2000’s, the weather wasn’t as bad as this.

During the summer season in particular, the weather is so extreme that you just can’t go through an entire day and night without the air-conditioner running. And while the air-conditioner is on, you consume energy. When you receive your electricity bill, you will be surprised how much you’d have to spend to pay it and you pretty much have no choice.

No worries though as there are many ways to conserve energy during the summer season. Energy conversation is not only good so you can save money. Conserving energy can also be your own little way to save Mother Earth and fight climate change. If we don’t begin now, the future generation will suffer. As mentioned, the weather a few years or decades back is far from what we are experiencing today. If we don’t do anything about it, then our kids and their kids will have even more difficult times.

With that being said, here are some energy conversation tips that you can try out to help stave off the heat of the summer without spiking up your electricity bill.

1. Share one room with your family – Instead of turning on several air-conditioning units in every room in your home, why not share one room with the whole family instead? During the day, turn on the air-con in the living room only. At night, share just one bedroom so that only one air-conditioning unit is open.

Thermostat Reviews2. Install a programmable thermostat – A thermostat is not only used to measure temperature in the room, this can also be used to adjust the temperature in the room. Some thermostats can monitor the actual temperature and adjust when needed for energy-saving features. For example, if the room is already cold enough, the air-conditioner is slowed down or turned off at a particular time. It can also be used, if you like, as a timer on when the air-conditioner must be switched on and off automatically.

3. Find other ways to cool down – Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body’s temperature down. Install a swimming pool in your backyard. You can also place small wet towels in a plastic bag inside the freezer and when it becomes really cold or even icy, use it to cool down your body or your face. Take a bath several times through the day.

4. Lessen the use of other electronic items – When the air-conditioner is running, energy is already consumed. Instead of watching TV all day, playing video games or browsing on your computer, pick up a book instead or play board games with your family. By lessening other energy-consuming activities, then you can still save when it comes to your electric bill.

How to Maintain a Beautiful Home Exterior

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Since you’re mostly indoors, you probably never take for granted the need for cleaning and maintenance of your home. If you don’t have a job or you have a home office you, have more or better opportunities to clean around the house. You sweep and mop the floor, wipe countertops and furniture and change the sheets as often as you need to. However, you must remember that as much as you need to do this indoors, your home’s exteriors need some pampering too. After all, your house might just be your biggest investment and without proper maintenance, it may deteriorate sooner than expected.

Landscape Your Garden

If you are not willing to spend on getting professional landscaping services, this is something that you can absolutely do on your own. With a little bit of research and a whole lot of inspiration and determination, you will be able to come up with a beautiful landscape design that would impress anyone who would pass by your home. Trim down plants and bushes, mow your lawn, create a walkway with pebbles and so on. You can do these with your own two hands—yes, it may take a lot of time and effort but once you’re done, you will be proud of the work you did all on your own. Gardening could be very relaxing as well so you will absolutely have a great time doing this.

Keep Surroundings Clean

Pressure Washer ReviewsYour garden hose just won’t work. A pressure washer would be a great home investment because you can use it in more ways than one. Aside from cleaning your car, Wash Wisely explains how you can use a pressure washer to effectively get rid of dirt and debris from your driveway and even clean the walls of your home’s exteriors. A pressure washer allows you to effortlessly do these without having to spend too much time as well.

Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

Have a handyman take a look at your roof, seal holes and cracks on your home’s walls and your driveway, check on gutters and so on. While you can be confident that you can do some things on your own such as cleaning and gardening, there are other things that need to be done by a professional. You might get into an accident if you attempt to fix the roof yourself or you might cause more damage than good to the pavement of your driveway if you try to repair cracks on your own.

Get Rid of Clutter

When you don’t have a shed or storage area and your garage is already full of other things that you own that have accumulated through the years, you tend to store things outside of your home such as loose bricks, leftover wood, empty sacks and a lot more. Throw what needs to be thrown and recycle what you can. If anything is out of place, keep it somewhere that’s not visible to those who pass by your home.

You deserve to live in a beautiful home. Once you already own one, do not take it for granted. Take care of it and provide your home the proper maintenance it needs.

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