August 19, 2017

Intruders and Burglars

The first principle we all have to learn about safety is that we should never compromise nor settle for anything less than the best home security. Although there is no way to be 100% safe at all times, you can greatly reduce the chances of being burgled or worse by being ready.

And in order to do so is the irony of ironies – you need to think like a burglar to keep your home safe from them. Think of it as a Zen thing.

Fortunately, we’ll take most of the guesswork away from you – because there are simple ways to protect houses and possessions from burglars and potential criminals; many of which need nothing more than common sense. Let’s get right to them, shall we?

How Do Thefts And Burglaries Occur In The First Place?

A theft is not planned in a day – nine times out of ten, it will take some careful planning in order to pull it off. A thief will not think as normal human beings. These are highly intellectual persons who come into houses just to get what they are in need of – or even just for the hell of it. A thief can enter into the house with the help of windows or doors. A report suggests that most of the thefts have been happen with the help of breaking and entering through windows and doors – which is precisely why it is of utmost importance to build houses with strong doors and protective windows. The same is true if you have a garage – you will almost always need the best garage door you can afford out of the many garage door openers available.

1. Know Your Own Turf

It is very important for people to know about the area which they are staying. People need to be aware of what has happened regarding theft and other incidents in that particular area. Just gather information from neighbours or get into search engines and find proper information about that people before you move in to that place – it’s easy how often such a simple thing is overlooked by many of us.

2. Pick Your Spots

Some people may prefer to live in country homes, but they are not always the safest option to do so due to the lack and distance from other neighborhoods. Meanwhile, a house or an apartment in a busy center downtown is just as prone to thievery and crime. But there is one thing that thieves really like – they enjoy less crowded and less-lighted areas. Make sure to do the necessary and install proper lighting, even if it makes your house glow like the sun.

3. Monitor The Place You Live In

Just be alert at any time because thieves can and will break into houses at the most inopportune time, such as dawn or dusk. Make the proper arrangements with your security guards, your security personnel, or even the police, if you have a legitimate reason to do so – it’s better to err on the side of overkill with regard to safety than otherwise.

4. Keep Your Alarm Systems In Check

An alarm is one of the safest options when you are at home – otherwise there wouldn’t still be a market for them. Set that alarm up as soon as you leave and return. Budget is not an excuse, because there are some GREAT alarm systems (some alarms you can manage even remotely) thanks to technological advances.

5. Install Cctvs Or Surveillance Cameras Around Your Vicinity And Keep Them Running

It is very important to have a surveillance camera around your houses. If you are living in flats then make sure every camera works in it – the mere illusion of security is not enough (for those who think setting up cameras that don’t run are just as good). This is because prospective burglars will do their own surveillance themselves; don’t let them get one step ahead of you and watch THEM before they do. If anything happens at all, proper surveillance camera placement can save your life.

6. Always Stay In The Loop With Your Neighbors

People who are nearby your houses are going to help you on needed times. It is very important for people to stay connected with neighbors, because knowing the right people can be a huge thing in terms of knowing what’s going on around the area.