Man’s Greatest Technological Inventions Used Every Day

by David on

Man has invented a lot of useful things in the last hundreds of years. Among these are the mobile phone, the internet, the GPS, the PC, the digital camera and others. Each of these inventions is used by an impressive number of people every day.

The mobile phone

This device made communication a lot easier. People weren’t supposed to be at home in order to receive or make a phone call anymore. Over time, the mobile phone has turned into a smaller PC that everybody carries around and uses most of the day.

The Internet

The concept of internet was first defined in 1965. Since then, it has developed in such way that is available anywhere thorough wireless or LAN connections. It used to be accessible to people with a PC, but these days there are a larger number of devices that can connect to it.


The GPS has made every driver’s life a lot easier. This device gives directions, shows you the map and calculates how much longer you have to drive until you reach your destination. A significant number of people didn’t get lost anymore.

The PC

The PC has replaced television, concerts, communication, playing games and other such activities. Its incredible versatility together with the internet made shopping from home possible. Not to mention the connectivity between people from all over the world. Its many accessories, such as webcam, mouse, facilitate its usage.

The digital camera

This type of camera has revolutionized the way people took photos. Before the digital camera was invented, we needed to get the film developed in order to see the photos we made. That process was no longer necessary afterwards. Printing a physical copy of a photo became optional.

The 3D printer

The 3D printer was invented around two hundred years ago, but it was perfected over time. The 3D printer is now able to print food, tissue, cars, drones, adult toys and even clothes. It is still considered slower than the normal process, but its developers are sure it will progress further. The 3D printer is not yet a device owned by the majority of the population.

All these so-called gadgets are part of our lives and many of us cannot see ourselves giving up on them. In one way, they have replaced some of the healthier activities we used to have before they were invented.

Written by: David