July 28, 2016

The Seven Must-Haves For Your Own Home Gym

by David on

Gym memberships can get quite expensive. The bad part is if you don’t go to the gym every day and you’ve already made full payments for your membership. Once your membership expires and you haven’t gone to the gym often enough or at all, then that’s money going down the drain. Unless you’ve applied for a lifetime membership, you’re going to have to make more payments for you to go to the gym again. Yes, it will be a lifetime of bills that you have to pay with usually the same workout equipment over and over again.

With that being said, many have realized that it is more practical to just build their own home gym. If there’s an extra room in your home or even if you have that small space in your living room or bedroom, you can easily have a full gym built with all the equipment you will ever need that targets various body parts. Furthermore, this is more practical especially when you have more than one person in the family who goes to the gym. Rather than putting your money on gym memberships, invest on gym equipment to get back in shape As long as you choose durable ones, you can expect these to be of your service for years – without any expiration.

Here are some must-haves for your very own home gym. You can expand your gym later on by adding more equipment and tools. For now, these are some that you should definitely start with.

1. Gym Mats

There are workouts that don’t require equipment. But you need to at least have gym or yoga mats for convenience and added safety. You can use these pats for pushups, sit ups, planks, and so much more.

2. Bench

The bench can also be used not only for occasional resting or as you catch your breath but also for other workouts too.

3. Elliptical Machine

True M30 EllipticalAn elliptical machine can workout your entire body but gives much focus on your legs. By getting on an elliptical machine for a few minutes per day, you will surely sweat all the fat out. This is a great way to warm up and cool down gym equipment too as you can use the elliptical machine according to your preferred speed.

4. Treadmill

A treadmill is also a definite must-have. You no longer have an excuse not to run for the day just because it’s too cold or raining outside. The treadmill, just like the elliptical machine, can be used for extreme workout as well as for warming up and cooling down.

5. Indoor Bike

What gym doesn’t have an indoor bike? Workout your entire body, your legs especially with an indoor bike. You will surely sweat out a lot if you use this a few minutes every day.

6. Rowing Machine

A rowing machine works out the entire body from your arms to your abdomen to your thighs and legs. Five minutes into working out with the rowing machine, you will already feel the pain and see the sweat.

7. Weights

You don’t have to buy those huge weights right away. You can simply start with small ones that will help tone your arms.

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