February 13, 2016

Seven Workouts You Can and Should Start Today

by David on

The holiday season is right around the corner. It’s the season of giving and reunions with friends and loved ones. If there’s one thing you do during the holiday season more than any other season in the year other than gift-giving, it is eating. You go to endless parties and there’s always a lot of food! Get into the habit of exercising today so that you can maintain your weight and your figure through the holiday season. While others would probably wait ‘til the end of the holidays before they start getting fit again, you can go the easier way by just maintaining your fitness regime. Here are 7 workouts that you can start today!

1. Enjoy the beauty of nature while biking outdoors

The good thing about biking is that you can feel the wind brush through your face and you can go far places without feeling too tired. You can get in touch with nature, see the clear blue skies and admire the flowers and trees. You’re even staying fit in the process!

2. Go on a series marathon while biking indoors

Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike ReviewInstead of having a bowl of popcorn in hand while watching a marathon of your favorite series, get on that exercise bike instead. Also known as stationary bikes, you can bike for hours on an exercise bike without noticing it if you’re also enjoying your favorite TV show.

3. No sweat but effective workout through swimming

If you hate the sweat but it’s okay to get wet, then go swimming! Swim a few laps every other day and soon enough, you’re fitter and stronger!

4. Join a workout group for support and motivation

Sometimes you only need other people’s support to keep you going. Enroll in a group Zumba class or a yoga class, make friends and for sure you’ll be looking forward to your next workout.

5. Walk and run with your dogs

Give your dogs a little bit of quality time. Instead of letting them run around your yard, walk them ‘round the block instead. Your dogs will surely love you even more if you do this every single day.

6. Park farther than you used to

If you need to drive to work, let go of your usual parking slot and instead park farther than you used to. Do this as well when you go to the supermarket or the mall. Instead of parking at the area nearest the door, choose the slot that would require you to walk at least a hundred steps or more.

7. Walk, don’t ride

You can save a lot of gas money and even give your share in saving the world from the bad effects of climate change by reducing your carbon footprint. Instead of driving all the time, try walking. If it’s too far, then ride your bike. If you used to drive to your friend’s house which is located just five blocks away, make a change today and walk instead. Each drop of sweat will make you feel great for sure!

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